iPad mini Announced : Apple Wants To Eliminate Alternative Competition

Last month, they’ve announced the release of iPhone 5 and the newest set of iPod Touch and iPod Nanos. And today, they’ve just announced another great product for Apple fans to spend on, the iPad mini. Clearly, they want to capture and reach a bigger market by producing another outstanding design product. This is probably a better move if they’ve released it earlier, but given that Apple never do what other companies does, which is releasing a lot of things at once. Probably, It’s understandable. Or maybe that’s just me.

What’s up with the new iPad mini?

Well, Obviously and redundant to say that It’s a smaller version of their iPad. But here’s the specs for you to have a quick overview of the product and to compare with its’ mother.

  • 7.9′ screen. As they say, and of course they will. Its a perfectly sized LED screen.
  • 7.2 mm thin. That’s 23% thinner!
  • 0.68lbs, 53% lighter!
  • A5 Chip
  • 10 Hour battery life
  • Front Facing Camera (720p)
  • Back Camera (5megapixels with 1080p HD recording)
  • iOS 6 (including the famous Siri and their infamous iOS 6 Maps)
  • Lightning Connector

They will be shipping iPad minis this coming November 2 with a starting price of $329. Should you buy it? If you’re planning to buy a tablet, and having a hard time choosing from a lot of options. Buying iPad mini is a good deal.