Tower of Saviors : Puzzle and Trading Card Game Combined


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to play with trading card games and the only TCG that I was hooked with its fantastic gameplay, artworks and endless possibilities of decks was Magic : The Gathering. The only problem about it is that you can only play this physical trading card games is that you have to meet people to be able to play and test out your decks and If you really want to have a strong deck? You need to invest in it, so as a high school kid I eventually quit after dealing with this and I was looking for the same game experience ever since. Yep, even in video games.

I was able to play some of the MTG games on PSone and PC but never really enjoyed it as much as since you’ll be given starter decks and a lot of help to create the perfect yet boring decks for you. So I continued my hunt for the next TCG that I’ll be playing, and yes I was looking something for free. Until I saw, Tower of Saviors.

Even though I was skeptical to download it after seeing some screenshots, I still gave it a try due to its high rating and since you can download it for free. I really got nothing to lose, just a little bandwidth for that matter.

Puzzle and Trading Card Game Combined

Tower of Savior Gameplay

Yep, you read it right. Its a Puzzle and a TCG in one game. If you have some experience with TCGs then maybe you’ll figure out the game very easy without paying attention to the game introduction tutorial. Each card has a specific element, where in you’ll be only be able to cast by playing the switch and match puzzle to use a specific element for every turn and beat down your enemies. You can have a max of 5 cards per team or as TCG veterans may call it decks. You can create any element combination that you want. Using 5 different elements is a balance deck since you can make the most of your element pallete, but I find it too weak. Be sure to make some adjustments and experiment for the perfect team/deck without sacrificing damage. You can also add  other players or friends for every stage to add them up temporarily to your team increasing your team force.

Cards Evolve and Level Up Permanently!

Cards and Skills on Tower of Saviors

As you progress thru the game, your cards will level-up with you. Learning more skills, Improving stats and Evolving! The good thing about it is that It is permanent! Unless you sell the card Duh. You’ll be able to Improve cards by using other cards which more like a sacrifice for them to improve, same with the evolve feature, but It will ask you specific evolve cards to be able to do so. Don’t use this card for level advancement because It will only give a small amount of experience since it was really meant for evolving.


Of course It was not the same experience with MTG, but It was new and exciting! Simple enough to understand just with beautiful artworks included with the package! All of them for Free! For this, I’ll rate it 5/5 for being innovative and paying attention to the smallest details! You can download the game both on Google Play and iTunes App Store!

Tower of Saviors
Free to Download!

Tower of Saviors

by Mad Head Limited Both Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads

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Tower of Saviors, the addictive and widely popular smash hit mobile game, proudly presents Version 7.0 'Strains Of Glory'!

In Tower of Saviors Version 7.0 "Strains

Screenshots Tower of Saviors

Tower of Saviors iPhoneTower of Saviors iPhoneTower of Saviors iPhone

Screenshots Tower of Saviors for iPad

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