Puzzle Retreat Game Review : Treat and Tease Your Brain


Oh hai der! Yep, It’s been a while since I been able to wrote a game review for you guys and I’m really sorry for that. That’s because I’ve been very busy lately in so many things. Work and stuff that hinders me to play and review games for you, I also did some procrastinating days to reduce stress and now I’m back, don’t worry I’m not going to abandon this blog. It’s a good way to exercise my creativity in writing things and voicing out my opinion. Leaving the crappy excuse behind lets move on to this new game that I was able to play and enjoy for the past few days.

Puzzle Retreat by Voxel Agents. Yep, the sound of its name might be a little bit boring, generic or somewhat non-sense (Well for me). But don’t you judge the game by its name (Apparently I did). Although I was able to scan some of the praises from Kotaku, CNET, IndieGameMagazine and other famous gaming blogs. I never believed it. I’m really not the kind of guy who believes in praises that is included in the product/game description. But after sometime of playing game. It definitely deserve those praises.


As I started playing the game, I already noticed the subtle fine details on its game graphics, definitely one of the signs of a good game for me. Its simple and clean, letting you focus more on the game without being agitated by bad graphics or overwhelmed by too much graphics. And since I’m such a fan of good puzzle games, I was already hooked after several introduction stages that made the game seems easy, but as what every gamer expects, It gets harder level by level.


I wasn’t able to play thru more advance level since I was playing the Android version of the game (Free to download but you need to purchase the premium version to unlock levels) In iOS you have to buy it first before you’ll be able to try and play it, don’t worry I’m pretty sure that your 99cent will be worth it. I’ll rate the game a 4/5. Due to lack of game achievements / time records or something that will increase the game intensity by competition / game limitations. Other than that, Its a very good challenging game to exercise your brains problem solving ability from time to time.