Plants VS Zombies 2 : It’s About Time Game Review

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Its been 6 long years since the release of Plants vs. Zombies developed by Popcap Games which gathered a lot of attention and fans all over the world. If you ask me, There’s a lot of factor to consider if you’re asking how it became one of the most successful games in the history. First of all, people all over the world loves the concept of this horrifying creatures. Well, Not all specially kids, but the concept itself is intriguing to the point that some people believe it is possible in the future that we’ll be engulfed with a powerful virus that will turn us to a thoughtless wandering bodies looking for live people to survive (Which I find highly absurd). To make this fact a lot more convincing, just look around or make a quick google search about zombies and you’ll find tons of information, games, comics, books, movies, tv series, cosplays, events and things that will prove that people love zombies! And if you add cuteness and the gratifying feeling of being to defend yourself from this creatures by strategy and you’ll come to conclusion that there’s no doubt It’ll became a success. So much to say, but I think It’ll be too much to keep going so lets move on to the game review.

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I’ll definitely say that the second sequel was worth the wait. Though a lot of people disliked the fact that It was acquired by EA Games and currently exclusive to iOS users, I’m happy and will highly recommend everyone to download the game and not be discourage by comments about the paying things to unlock game features and some plants.

Before I move on discussing on what’s new on the game, I’d like to say my side about the Freemium model that EA decided to apply. First of all, I’m not a part, employee or has a relative on EA games to say this things but I’m pretty sure and If you noticed, most of my apps reviewed was either a dollar game or free so please don’t flame me for doing this. I’m happy and it makes sense to me that they have to do it that way, If you’re a creative or someone who sells your products to make a living then you should understand that you can’t give everything away for free. They spent a lot of money to develop this game and I don’t think that there is something bad if they have to sell features and in-game items to keep their company running, make a living out of it and continue developing good games. I’ve read a lot of rants and close minded comments online complaining about it, but the truth is, you can actually finish the game without buying anything on it. You just need to play better, harder. This is probably one of the best reasons that I’m doing this because a lot, and yes a lot of freemium games developed and available out there will limit you frustratingly to the point that you uninstall it because you can’t go further if you don’t buy something. That said lets move on to what’s new on Plants VS Zombies 2 : It’s About Time

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New Stuff on Plants VS Zombies 2

Better Graphics and Animation

This is always expected on games sequels, and I’m pretty happy that they don’t have to do it in a way that it loses the details on the previous version. It has better details in illustrations, animations, subtle but you’ll definitely see the difference from the first version of it.

New Plants and Maps

New Maps on Plants Vs Zombies 2

Another thing should be obvious, but the good thing about it is that they can keep updating the game to expand it providing more fun stuff to players who wants to go further in it. I haven’t been able to unlock all of them but I’m pretty sure that you’ll love them as much as I did when I saw them. And yes, the rumors are true that some of the old goodies and new ones can only be unlocked by purchasing them. If you really love the game, have the money to do so please do consider buying to support the game development!

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Finger Power and Plant Food

Finger Powers on Plants Vs. Zombies 2

In Plants VS Zombies 2, you can now feed your plants to supercharge them. This is always limited so use it wisely, don’t just use it just use randomly even if you can buy it for 1000 coins a piece. If your plants can’t handle the situation of a massive wave of zombies then use Finger Powers. Pinch, Electrify or Zap them for a cost of course! Sadly you can only use this coins for this power-ups and plant foods and nothing else. Though I hope in the future users can use this coins for other in-game items.

Better Gameplay : Surprises, Mini Games and Crazy Challenges

Yeti on Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Though tower defense games like Plants VS Zombies 2 are somewhat repetitive, I love playing it because of the challenge. The pressure of defending your base to keep surviving and level-up through the game makes you want to go further and be able to test your abilities of planning and being your own strategist. And in this game, I guarantee you that the challenges and different mini-games will keep you playing the game. For a game that is free to download, this is definitely a steal. They also added conditions that varies difficulties as you progress through the game collecting stars and keys which will be your pass to unlock parts of the map and game. To make it more clear, Stars accumulates throughout the game which means you can use it in any map, on the other hand keys can only be used strictly per map. Every map has its Challenge Zone which is more like the endless mode of the previous Plants VS Zombies.

Unlocking New Maps on Plants Vs. Zombies 2

The Verdict

I haven’t been able to complete the game, though I’m trying my best to do so but due to so many things that I have to do I really can’t grind it all day long. But If you ask me, this is a power pack game for everyone to enjoy hence scoring a 5/5 stars rating for me! Hooray for great free games that doesn’t require you to buy just to enjoy it. I might buy a shirt from them to give my support! Way to go Popcap and EA!

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