Pixel People : Unlock and Splice those Genetics!


Pixels! I’m really digging pixels ever since I was a child. Well because most of my childhood games are made in pixels, pixel art to be more specific and I found a great game that matches almost all of my taste in a single game! Pixel People by Chillingo! Too bad its exclusively available on iOS because I really would like to play it on a bigger screen and I only have my PiPo Ultra U1 Pro which is an Android Tablet. Moving on, I’ll introduce you to the game!

City Square built on Square Pixels


Pixel People is a city simulator game, a great genre for peeps who like me love to build things from the ground up. One of my favorite titles on this genre was Sim City, but Pixel People is easier and have a faster phase of gameplay. You also don’t need too much resource building like water and power plants, all you need is land which is expandable as you level-up through-out the game, of course money and residence building to bring more people or may I say clones in.

The Splice of Life


Another good thing about this game is the way you discover new things in it, specially new buildings and workers for those buildings. This is when you splice / combine genetics on your clones. From 2 specific genetics like a Mayor + Engineer or an Athlete + Doctor, you’ll be able to unlock more genetics with it. But to be able to produce clones, you’ll be needing a residential space for them. The more residential spaces, the more clones you can get although there’s a limit of 3 clones that you can splice at the same time, once you assign them on their jobs, you’ll be able to splice more. As of now there’s 150 unlockable genetics in game, which really excites me. And I really love this feature because It also reminds me of games like Monster Rancher and Monster Seeds where you also combine 2 different species to create or discover a different one. Exciting!

Love Will Keep You Busy


Yes, these people might be clones but in this game, they’re still capable of loving each other. And this will keep you busy while waiting for splices and buildings to finish. As you play the game, you’ll be seeing hearts pop-out from one house to another where you tap and hold to collect them and if you collect 11 of those, you’ll get a surprise package. It could be gold, pets or utopium points for speeding-up things or premium city decorations!


Also, you’ll need to tap your establishments from time to time to keep it running and produce money for you. Some takes an hour to replenish and some for just 5 minutes, If you have other good things to do, I suggest you to be aware of the time because I honestly spent almost 2 hours playing it without realizing the time! It’s addictive!

The Verdict

I won’t say more but this game is totally awesome! And I’ll rate it 6/5. Yep you read it right, It exceeded the max rating due to its awesomeness. Its like playing 2 different games in one + the fact that its on pixels! If you love playing simulator games I would ultra-highly recommend you to try this one.