PiPO Ultra-U1 Pro Android Tablet Unboxing and Review


Before I proceed, I’d like to thank God first, all of my readers (the old and new ones) and of course my family and friends for your support and for another year of opportunities. This would be my first post this year and also my first gadget to unbox and review to you and I’d like to make a less geeky/nerdy approach which is most of the tech blogs that I follow do which I think is somewhat technical for normal non-techy users out there.

Pricing and Specs

Of course, before buying anything, everyone is entitled and recommended to check what they’re planning to buy if it’s worth buying. Even though some people don’t do this, its a smart move to do so you won’t end up wasting money while cursing the product. And the reason that bloggers like me do this is to save you from headaches and giving you a heads-up on what to expect on a product. That given lets proceed on the Pricing and Specs of PiPO Ultra-U1 Pro.

The PiPO Ultra-U1 Pro as I purchased on a local store here in manila, priced at 7,000 Php(Philippine Pesos) which is equivalent to $171.36. Yep, Maybe it’s a bit higher from online sellers out there with $10-20 difference without the shipping, but since I don’t want to risk to spend more money in shipping it in and out incase of warranties, It was a good deal.

With a pretty decent 7″ IPS, 5-Touch capacitive touchscreen with a 1280×800 resolution, A Cortex A9 Dual-Core with a Quad Core GPU, 1GB RAM, a 16GB built-in memory, 3700mah Battery, Front and Back Camera (0.3 Megapixel and 2.0 Megapixel), Bluetooth 2.0, 4.1 Jellybean OS, Micro-HDMI Port for bigger screen outputs, PiPO Ultra U1 Pro is definitely one of the greatest deals comparing to other available tablets on the same price range.



To be honest, I like the way they packed this product. They separated the box of the accesories and the tablet itself which consumed less packaging production. Unlike other tablets that I’ve seen being sold in the market, they already provided the basic things including the screen protector and back casing. Definitely PiPO really wants their consumers to be satisfied on their product and save money at the same time. Included in the package is the Tablet itself, A Wall Charger, Micro-USB Adapter, USB Charger, USB Connector and a Pair of Earphones.



The build of of PiPO is surprisingly good. Even though it’s a bit heavier than other tablets, It doesn’t feel like a cheap one and a lot of my friends don’t even believe me when I say the price of it or some of them asked me If I bought it brand-new given that the price is really low and unexpected.


The camera, front and back is somewhat decent if there’s sufficient amount of lighting on your location. Noise is definitely visible but can still deliver and produce details on photos. That given, you can’t expect more on its video capability but still usable for video chats like Skype, Viber and Google Hangout.



After spending some time of testing apps and games on the tablet, so far I was really satisfied with it. Even though I experienced 2 or 3 random freeze on it, I’m still happy and surprised how good it was. Playing 3D games like Anomaly Korea and Need for Speed Most Wanted is like playing on my desktop computer with a dedicated graphics card, I was amazed how clear and superb the graphics is. Booting-up, loading and response time is also outstandingly quick. That’s why I’m pretty sure that this tablet can run almost every graphics heavy 3D games available and upcoming ones on Google Play market. But If you’re not into games and more into watching videos, It also does a great job. It can play 720p videos without any problem at all and since it has an IPS screen, you can pretty much see everything detailed on every angle, well that of course if you have a mount or a stand for the tablet already.

Battery life is also pretty decent after several charges, given that It’s running a Dual Core Processor and a Quad Core GPU It can run for 3-6 hours depending on the activity that you do, the more processing power that it needs like in 3D games, the faster the battery will run out.


Of course, as a human being, we perceive things differently. Most people expects the best on things, which brings disappointments to us and a honest review will share you the things that you might also find disappointing.

Given that PiPO Ultra-U1 Pro have a good 1280×800 screen resolutions, some things might appear pretty small or pixelated. Apps that doesn’t support a better layout for tablets like Facebook and Twitter will diminished, which is kinda understandable and was never a fault of the tablet itself. Also, the WiFi range of the device is weak, compare to my iPod Touch which can connect from the the 3rd floor to the WiFi router which is on the first floor of our house. PiPO Ultra Pro on the other hand is having a weak signal starting from the second floor. Other than that. It’s good and give a little more time and most of this apps will consider releasing a better layout for high resolution tablets like PiPO Ultra-U1 Pro.

The Verdict


I won’t say more on this tablet but If you’re asking for a rating, I would definitely give it a 5/5 stars. You might say or noticed that I’m not impress with the camera and has some disappointments on it, but I never bought it to take pictures or to video chat with somebody else. It was a great deal for gamers looking for a tablet who also wants to save money yet can still do the job.

PiPO also offers different sizes of tablets which also has decent specs like the Ultra U1-Pro. They also offer 8-10 inches tablets on a different yet definitely a good deal. Visit their site if you want more information on their products. Thank you for reading!

  • Neil Carreon

    Nice review, I’m planning on getting one in the coming days.

    Is that the stock launcher you’re using in the photos?