Top 10 Free Apps to Get Paid Apps for Free Without Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Getting Paid Apps for Free

There’s no bad thing if you want to save a little bit of money, Every person in their right mind does specially in our time where it is rare to encounter good things for free. That’s why people are always looking for alternatives. Take me as an example for this instance. If you’ll scan this blog, you’ll find lots of reviews about free apps and I’ve even publish a tutorial of how to get paid apps for free without jailbreak last year which gained a lot of traffic compare to my other posts. And this means that I’m not the only one who’s ok to wait for their favorite apps to be announced and given a way for free and doesn’t want the hassle they’ll go in jailbreaking their devices.

It is funny though that people who can buy high-end Apple products and is struggling to buy apps specially if it is just a dollar, but we can’t say that this is always the case. Here in the Philippines, It’s not easy to get yourself a credit card to be able to buy your favorite and latest apps but there are two options. Either you buy it via Apptivate, a Philippine start-up that provides a way to be able to buy apps using your cellphone load or by applying for a reloadable debit cards (I’m using e-Prepaid from BPI). Anyway that’s not the reason why I’m creating this post.

If you will search on App Store using the ‘get paid apps for free’ keywords you’ll end up seeing probably more than a thousand results. I did, so I decided to share the best ones available, well in my preference. Skipping the long introduction, lets jump in to the Top 10 apps to get paid apps for free without jailbreaking your iOS devices. Please take note that this list is randomly arrange.


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Free Apps Arcade


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Daily App Dream


FreeAppMagic Daily


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Apps Gone Free

3 Magic Shots


Yep, this is the end of the list. If you have any other questions, suggestions or anything that you want to say, please do leave a comment below!