Flutter : Control Your Media Players with Webcam Gestures

Have you ever been frustrated when you just want to pause, stop, or skip a music track and doing something and you have to go to your computer just to do so? Or have you ever imagined how cool can it be controlling your computer via webcam gestures? Not being in total control, but Flutter App lets you control your media players by doing quick simple gestures in front of your webcam.

Yes, just by using your webcam, you can now pause, skip, play and a coming up features like lowering the volume down via Flutter. You can use the app with a from 1-6 feet away but strictly have to be in front of the webcam to do so. But still its a cool app and imagine how they can develop an that can totally control your computer just like in the sci-fi movies.

If you want to test the application, its available both for PC and Mac. Try it out!